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NO SAVE FILES being created

I can't save my game (no file to be loaded then). I don't even see any save files in the games folder. Any suggestions? I've tried the following...

- The developer console quicksave. Unsuccessful.
- Verifying files in steam. Unsuccessful.
- Uninstalling and reinstalling the game. Unsuccessful.
- Tried different difficulties in the game (just in case). Unsuccessful.
- Deleting contents of wehappyfew folder (config, savegames, logs). Unsuccessful.
- Deleting save folder (wehappyfew >> savegames). Unsuccessful.
- Playing with different beta programs (ex: maidenholm). Unsuccessful.
- Added 'we happy few' to third party antivirus software (bitdefender). Unsuccessful.
- Turned off third party antivirus software for good measure. Unsuccessful.
- Ensured all security permissions were allowed under 'we happy few' game folder. Unsuccessful.
- Shut down all background securities through task manager. Unsuccessful.

Also, I've had this game a long time. I've only recently started playing it again to see what changes have come about. When I played it last (many months ago) all progress was saved properly. This is a new issue for me.

** Currently have an open thread on steam. **
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