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some problems about the game。

1.How big is this game in the future?I think steam 6GB on the page completely does not meet such a huge world view of the game ah. . .
2.Creative Workshop in the future can have a greater role?
3.How many enemies will the game, will join a strong boss, test the player's IQ?
4.Whether there will be a cross between the story of the protagonist?
5.Is it different from the "Brave New World" protagonist can not change the world's settings?
6.How the author breaks through what is wrong with the open world nowadays - like a monotonous line of monotonous ditches?At present,digging boxes a little bit boring for people who play more open world games. . .And killing a lot of people will not change the game development, I feel this detail may feel a bit pit. . ..At least allows players to feel like a murderer, there will be no good end. . .
7.The game environment is limited to land, caves? Will there be ocean and river game area? The corresponding transport will be diverse?
8.Will there be games doping in it? In addition to the current game to steal stolen things, to do the task, dig dig soil, street massacre, I feel nothing new elements. . .
By the way, I'm grateful to the author for hiding a lot of game content, making the game special, and I'm looking forward to it, and accidental bouncing made me a Chinese student like that who could focus on the June big exam instead of one Such a masterpiece (mainly extraordinarily anticipated masterpiece) tied down. . Although I still play from time to time. . . I hope we happy few authors can continue their efforts, I hope this game can do better and better, the future won more awards. . .

My English is limited, but I'm good at Google Translate's using..
  • Probably misplaced,It's should be put on the WHF discussion...
  • These contents can only find a little answer in the information. .
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