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My thoughts on the game so far

The game looks amazing, the graphics are dreamy, soft and colorful. The game is trippy and creepy and you feel like you're playing a childrens game while being relentlessly reminded that it is not. (this is a good thing) The ingame cinematics are very well done and the animations are as a fluid as a pixar movie(in cinematics). The unique layout of landscape is a welcome addition to the game and it makes things feel much more dynamic. The story seems perfect and I'm very interested in seeing how it plays out so I think it has great potential. I love scavenging and it adds a great level of realism (although the need for basic fundamentals are far too great. I shouldn't have to go for water even a tenth of the time the game requires me too, it's ridiculous that I have to ravenously go berserk in a game just to find food after not having eaten for 20 minutes, I am murdering my way through houses as we speak.) The sounds, voice acting and music suit the game better than I could have imagined.

Now the really bad. The AI is dreadful, completely, and the NPCs of the world are very generic as they lack in variety. It makes me care less about them. I care so little that I don't think twice before deciding to murder every single one of them, I simply do NOT care. They seem less human than the pedestrians in GTA Vice City for the PS2, they just stand around. This intelligence can pass for an MMO but not for a single player game, there's just no excuse.

My suggestions: Along with some of the things I mentioned, I'd like to see less campfires indoors, more realistic hits when you wack NPCs (they stand there like stiff scarecrows and they die like them) perhaps decaying corpses for immersion purposes (flies are a nice addition but I'd like to see more) More vault over animations, better sight on NPCs, sub surface scattering in video settings (unreal 4 supports it) SLI support and lastly, until I update this, I'd love to see modding tools. I am a 3D artist and I'd love to add to this game, my contributions would be endless so please, consider this eventually.

That's it for now. I love this game and I'm looking forward to playing it when it officially comes out.
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