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the game is just unplayable for me

Can anyone tell me why I die each time I press the spacebar? and why when I come out of my anterra (the sewer) I fly like a bird on the map ??
when I read your last patch, the game is almost finished but I have too much bug in 1 hour of play !!
the game is just unplayable for me !!
If no answer from you, will be a refund !!
  • AlexinaAlexina Member, Compulsion Team

    I've already answered part of your question in the other thread in this forum as well as on Steam Community.

    I need more information for the issue of you dying every time you press the space bar.
    The space bar is intended to allow Arthur to jump, are you near the edge of the map or falling out of world or is your Thirst/Hunger/Sleep levels too low?

    I await your response.

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