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early game bug (glitch?)

Hello, I just started your game & from the beginning coming out to the city, I flew as if I was a bird, I did not know if it was normal or not so I reloaded my part & there ' I saw that it was not normal, I share my screenshots for you to see.
PS: sorry I do not speak English (googla translation)
  • AlexinaAlexina Member, Compulsion Team

    I saw your message on Steam just now and replied there, but it's extremely helpful to have pictures. From the looks of it, the game isn't generating the world fully or that you have the ghost mode setting on. To turn off ghost mode go to the Pause Menu, select Options and then select Developer Cheats, switch off Ghost Mode.

    I also recommend verifying the integrity of your game cache, you can do this by:
    1. In your Steam Library, Right-Click the game in the side bar
    2. Select Properties and then go to the Local Files tab
    3. The last option should be "Verify integrity of game files..."

    Hope this helps.

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