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Bugs Found in Patch 44776

Hello WHF Dev Team,

The following are several bugs encountered in We Happy Few. This is the GOG version Patch 44776:

    - Game will unexpectedly crash in mid gameplay
    - After exiting the game (or after it crashes), GOG Galaxy would freeze and not respond. No choice but to restart GOG Galaxy
    - NPCs that are sitting down would float in mid air and "walk" around
    - NPCs that are standing up can sometimes sink to the ground
    - Side Quests get jumbled up - Active quests will end up in completed quests
    - After loading the game, some quests have to be performed again
    - An error when completing the "Col Lawrence" quest. Cannot talk to him (I got frustrated that I punched him to death when suddenly that triggered the quest. Sadly I can't talk to him anymore because he's dead. Lol! My bad! There's should be load game feature to resume to the previous save)
    - Some missions need to be more clearly explained like "Antijubilatarianism." The game doesn't tell you how to open the hatch and where to get the scavenger extractor
    - Every town should have a shelter
    - There are no fast travels even though the map legend has it on the list. Please implement it.
My computer specs:

    - MSi GT70 2PE Dominator Pro
    - Intel Core i7-4819MQ CPU 2.80GHz
    - 12GB RAM
    - Windows 10 Home 64 bit
    - NVidia GTX880M
  • AlexinaAlexina Member, Compulsion Team

    Sorry to hear you're encountering these issues and thank you very much for letting us know about these bugs.

    Our QA team will take a look at the GOG Galaxy related issues and isolate the cause of the bug, and once we do, we'll investigate and fix it.
    The Old Soldiers (Col Lawrence) quest is a known issue, and has caused many players to just wail on him out of frustration (poor Col Lawrence).

    For the Antijubilatarianism quest; the game does tell you - in it's main story path. You get the machine extractor from Dr. Faraday and you find out how to defeat Jubilators during The Great Stink quest (by hitting open the little panel).

    The lack of shelters and fast travel options have been fixed internally (it's wondrous!). Please await the upcoming 1.0 launch that'll have a whole new bunch of content and fixes!

  • Hi Alexina,

    Noted with thanks! Looking forward to the updates.

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