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Possibly Heinous Package Quest

Hi! I was having an issue with the "package." Before I got the quest I had found the cart with the package and picked it up to see what it was and dropped it on the street in front of the cart. Now doing the quest, the package is gone and not even in the cart. The bobbies talked to me and I ended up killing them so now every time I get close to the cart, it tries to do the cut scene with the dead bobby at night and it freezes on me. I was able to finally load in after several tries during the day and the bobby's body is now gone but the bobby is still missing for the cut scene to activate as well as the package. Is there anyway to fix this? Thanks!
  • AlexinaAlexina Member, Compulsion Team

    We're really sorry to hear you've encountered this issue - it's a known bug that's been fixed internally but for now, there's truly no known way to get past this particular blocker. The new content and fixes will be released during the 1.0 Launch.

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