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Game glitch

So I was lagging alot and stuff so I went in the graphics setting then I was making stuff like lower (so it lags less) and then I set the thingy 16:9 to 4:9 (or something) and now it wont let me get in anymore.
  • edited January 2
    I also cant get in the game anymore.(I can but everything I click in the game the screen black so its impossible to set anything anymore.)
  • AlexinaAlexina Member, Compulsion Team

    Sorry you're encountering this issue. What happened is that you changed the resolution and your computer isn't recognizing the configuration. Usually this will auto-adjust to your screen size when you first launch.

    Here's what you can do;
    1. Open Steam.
    2. Go to the "Library"
    3. Right-click the game which needs to be reconfigured.
    4. Select "Properties" from the menu.
    5. Click the "Set launch options..." button.
    6. Remove any launch options currently shown.
    7. Type -autoconfig in the box.

    Let us know if this helps.

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