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Old Solders Bugs

the first bug i ran into it that after i found the dead body and reported back to the first solder he tells you about a foot locker in the house so i got the gun and other items you can get in his room and went back. when i got back there were people in there (im not sure if there supposed to be able to get in when you leave the back door closed). as i walked around to see if i missed the foot locker first time around i see some one walk through the metal shutters covering the front door. after that i saw a place to put the gun and went to do it. nothing happen. i thought it was because there was people around so i left and did stuff till curfew came rolling around. when i came back both the front and back shutters were down. naturally i though that it was something that was supposed to happen and left. waited till around 7 am for when people started to show and when i went back it was still locked up but there were people goin in the front still even though the shutter was down.
  • AlexinaAlexina Member, Compulsion Team

    Sorry you're experiencing this. This is a known issue that has been addressed internally and will be fixed for the 1.0 launch.

    For now, I recommend ghosting through the shutters at night.
    It's possible the quest could be buggy - if so, ghost through to the attic for the footlocker.

  • demondemon Member
    may i ask how do i "ghost"?
  • AlexinaAlexina Member, Compulsion Team

    You can ghost by accessing the Pause Menu then going under Options and then Developer and there should be a listing titled "Ghost" select that and you'll be able to move through walls and the likes.
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