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Eel Pie Holm Bug Report

During a playthrough I noticed a very odd map generation bug. The bridge to Lud's Holm was spawned as the Honey Toll Bridge, however the bridge itself was spawned much more inland completely missing the gap between the islands. As seen bellow


Here's a view of the map showing the bridge spanning the islands


and another aerial view showing the missing bridge along with some poor unfortunate "Wastrel Bobbies" bugged at the bottom of the river


The "Bloody rock" also spawned slightly southwards to this occurrence causing it to bug out as well.

For version specifics this bug was experienced on the Steam version of We Happy Few, Game Alpha v44776.

I hope this bug report helps with this project.
  • AlexinaAlexina Member, Compulsion Team

    Thank you very much for sending in this bug report, we're currently addressing world generating bugs internally and will be fixed for the 1.0 launch.


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