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Mysterious house people see through walls

as i was playing the Mission you have to go in to a house after taking shrooms i can get to the first girl and take her down but after that when no one in the room or any way to see me it says i have been spotted and then makes me start outside over and over again.
  • bleep13bleep13 Member
    edited December 2017
    First of all, why did you choose to take her down. Wouldn't just avoiding her work? After all, she's busy and you are on a mission. Just creep in, with sneakers, and avoid everyone. It took me quite a few games to realize they all have a hive knows, everyone in the cult knows. Just avoid attracting attention, and go about your business.
  • LeeLee Member, Compulsion Team
    Hi there,

    The quest is meant to allow the player to perform takedowns and the NPCs should not be psychic. Currently they are seeing through walls and detect the player too easily. This is a known issue which will be addressed for the 1.0 release of the game.

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