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Bugs found in Technicolours Update (in XBOX)

Dear Compulsion,

I love We Happy Few XBOX version. That's why I really want to contribute by reporting some bugs that I encountered when I play:

1) Mysterious Chest: cannot complete even I cleared up the chest, still appears "come back one or two days"

2) Cult of Jack: as quite many players mentioned as well, the quest cannot be completed even I have broken in all three houses and searched all things

3) Flower Picking: Even if I picked up the flowers, the people who were hallucinated and dancing did not attack me like the walkthrough that I find in Youtube. Probably I was being chased by a wastrel at that time.

4) Pursue the ghost: Arthur's mom would fly, but till certain place, the ghost just lingered and did not proceed further, causing me run out of mushroom and then the ghost disappeared.

Problems other than the quests include corpses or passing out people disappear if there are too many bodies, Arthur's speech does not match the subtitle when he mutters with himself......

Love to hear your feedback. Really can't wait for the official launch of this game!

Danny Lam
  • AlexinaAlexina Member, Compulsion Team
    Hi Danny Lam,

    Glad to hear you're enjoying the game but we're sorry to hear that you're encountering issues.

    1. For the Mysterious Chest, try progressing a little further in the main path (2-3 days in-game time) and try the chest again. You should get a fun surprise !

    2. For the Cult of Jack, there should be three chests you'll need to lock pick in the three houses, which will complete the quest. Many players often can't find one or two of the chests. (In the house with the bookshelf of empty power cells, climb onto the book shelf and onto the second level, there should be a chest there that many players miss).

    3. Flower picking is more of a... "tutorial" quest, to introduce the nightblooming nonsuch flower [which also unlocks A Lovely Bouquet recipe]. In internal builds, they're not supposed to attack you unless you're not conforming (ie: if you're not wearing a torn suit in the garden districts).

    4. The Walkabout has a lot of issues in the current live builds, they're issues we're addressing internally.

    Many updates, additional content and fixes will be present for the new launch. Again, we're sorry you're experiencing these issues but stay tuned!

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