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Super(b) Meat Boy Glitch

This was kind of sad, because I invited a friend over to show him the Meat Boy quest and it glitched out on me for the first time... which, to be fair, is my second time playing it, and the first after the update. So some dots to connect there.

What happened specifically: the Plough Boys were doing their thing, and the Main Boy was giving his speech, and my friend was like "can you just... start attacking him?" which was a valid question, so I went for it (with an Electric Hammer Pipe, no less) and... yeah, he and the Other Boys started attacking me. I should probably note that his speech wasn't in cutscene mode.

I basically just killed all of them (Main Boy first), and then Ed... did not talk to me. I would walk up to him, and the Talk option would show up, but hitting the button for it didn't make anything happen. I checked the encounter page, which said I hadn't chased the Plough Boys away. Okay, fair enough; I killed them. I assumed this was essentially the same thing as failing the encounter and moved on.

Later on, I found a bolded encounter marker way out in the ocean on my map. "Assailant 2," it read. I Ghost Moded over there to find absolutely nothing above the ocean, and a big blue box under the ocean. Went in the box, went out of the box, went outside the box; not much to do there. It was really just a blue box under the ocean.

So... that's a thing that's happening. A blue box marked Assailant 2 showing up under the ocean and registering as a Plough Boy.
  • AlexinaAlexina Member, Compulsion Team
    Hi Yves,

    We're really sorry to hear you encountered this - it's a known issue that's caused due to the cutscene not triggering properly which causes a blocker for this encounter.

    It didn't matter whether you killed or chased them off (so long as the main boy was thrashed enough to have ran after swearing vengeance upon you, of course).

    My only solutions for you would be to let it go until the next play through or after the full launch or lastly, to go under Developer cheats and force complete the tracked quest (so make sure it's the quest being marked as the primary objective).

    I'm really sorry we can't help more, but it's an issue that's already been addressed internally and will be functional for the launch.

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