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[BUG] Principal Menu flashing green

The principal menu have a bug, he flashing in green but when we change the resolution in the graphics option, the screen stop flashing in green
  • LeeLee Member, Compulsion Team
    Thanks for the feedback and we're sorry to hear you've experienced this issue.

    First, we suggest updating your graphics card drivers. We recommend manually uninstalling your drivers and reinstalling them from scratch as sometimes drivers do not install properly over existing installations. The most recent drivers can be found here:



    We've reported the issue internally and will be addressing it for the 1.0 release of the game.
    If you experience this issue in the meantime, we suggest running the game in 'Windowed Fullscreen' mode.

    If you prefer to run the game in dedicated fullscreen mode, you can do the following to fix the issue until the game is launched again:
    1 - From the Main Menu, goto Options > Graphics
    2 - Change the resolution to any other option and 'Apply Changes'
    3 - Change the resolution back to what it was previously and 'Apply Changes'

    I hope this helps.

  • LeeLee Member, Compulsion Team
    For Nvidia users, here's some information on the cause of the problem:

    Microsoft will need to release a Windows 10 update in order to address the issue fully.
  • Thank you so much, continue like that you're so awesome :D
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