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controller bug

I have games on my pc that I can play with two people. For that reason there are times there will be two controllers plugged in. When this happens the game tries to read from both controllers. I.E. cannot hold context sensitive buttons to progress with game. Free look and movement greatly suffer as it continuously hops from one controller to the next. rendering the game completely unplayable. Imagine my surprise upon the very first load of this game, finding it unplayable due to this reason. Mind you I had no idea that this was the reason until after a bit of thought. If the second controller gets unplugged the issue is still not fixed and I have to quit the game and restart
  • LeeLee Member, Compulsion Team
    Hi there,

    We've run the game using multiple controllers plugged in simultaneously and it detects both controller inputs. However interactions, movement and freelook appear to function properly. Are one of your controllers possibly damaged? For example, a control stick that causes the camera to move on it's own, or one of the input buttons which is stuck in a pressed state? We've experienced similar results that you've described, however only with damaged input devices.

    What kind of controllers are you using and are they both the same type?

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