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BUG: Float Animation (Not Just While Sleeping)

I noticed in your Known Bugs thread that you stated that NPC's are known to float in their sleep.

However I'm here to inform you that it's not JUST when they sleep.

I just encountered an NPC that was sitting in thin-air in front of a bench.
She was at a 90 degree angle on the Y axis from the bench's perspective, which was really odd.

Now here's the even weirder part....
I met this NPC 2 minutes before going back to her, and she was sitting perfectly, nothing out of place.
But as soon as I started walking around a building and went back to her, she was sitting in thin-air in front of the bench.

The culprit NPC

NPC Location (I apologize for the small map, I haven't gotten far in the game on this save file yet)

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