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Ms. Byng and Prudence Holmes: Lesbian? Boy, I Sure Do Hope So. [Theory]

yvesyves Member
in WHF General Discussion edited November 2017
We know Prudence has gone on holiday, right? That's the real major premise to this theory.

Also, the things you find in the Maidenholm shelter. (Not dead Bobbies.)

You get this Damp Diary type of note, and it says a lot-- that Ms. Byng cared for the person writing it, that the person is off their Joy/has run away, and that they hated "that awful Arthur"... looking at them? Making eyes at them? Flirting with them?

Anyway: it's Pru. Pru is the author of that note. I am so convinced.

First off, I really don't think that the author of the note is going to be someone we haven't met. They could be, theoretically, but... why? Why put all that effort into not only creating Pru & her room, but also having Arthur comment on her situation out in the Garden District, only to never have us meet her again? Right.

Of course, someone will ask why on earth Clive couldn't be the person. Question: does Arthur make eyes at Clive? No. No he does not. They appear to quite seriously dislike each other, in fact. Also, it's just a little bit... off, shall we say, to have a straight man essentially go into gay panic in-game. It's kind of a stereotype, whereas having a woman misunderstand a man's glance/friendly actions towards her, only to find that he's gay, is nice! It's sweet! It's non-offensive! And of course, in this theory, Pru is a lesbian, so. You know. Extra reason for anxiety -> gay solidarity...

Right: Pru. Lesbian. If she is the author of this note, there is no conceivable way to say she is not gay. I mean, the whole thing is just Wow, Do I Wish Ms. Byng And I Were Together, And She Sure Is Dropping Some Hints.
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