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Bugs I have found so far

Walkabout quest: the ghost has gotten stuck making an infinite loop between a rock and the road where she cuts out to go find her grave. I've tried following her and pushing her to no avail. I can't dig the grave or finish the quest.

Old soilders: the entry is super glitchy for both homes. I don't know if the way I was supposed to get in was following random spawn characters into the houses with proper timing, but that's what I had to do. Ringing the bell did nothing.

The fridge and cabinet for storage in the first safe house kept spitting out my items upon entry and either deleting them or sticking them in random and sometimes inaccessible areas.

Flower picking doesn't seem to be triggering anything. I went after 12, talked to all the people, picked all of the flowers, killed all the people, and nothing changed. Quest wasn't informing me of next step.
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