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WHF - Life in technicolor - quests bugs

Hi, (Xbox one player) I played last year WHF 3 times completely and now I have finished the WHF Life in Technicolor. Just want to share some bugs I encountered for the Life in Technicolor :
- even if i take a joy at night, the Mystery House doors do not open. For the first béta of WHR it worked.
- some quests achieved reappears in teh list "Too Do' like : The Runner, High Cooking
- the Igname quest never begin, even at night
- The Mirobolant costume makes Wastrels nervous, but normally it shouldn't. No ?
- For the quest "what is buried", even if I use the bobby whistle, people don't leave the place. So when I inject the seringe to Ann everybpdy of course killed her.
- The cult of Jack, which I know very well as I have done it several times successfully in the past, did not work for me in WHF-LIT as I can't find Jack to talk to him as requested although the other steps can be fullfilled.
- Corner of the Speakers : the quest couldn't be achieved as I have made down a Red Bobby to attract attention of people whilst I posted the documents. Is it normal ?
Otherwise I still love this game and I think I can play it again a 5th time :-)
Congratulations to the team
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