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Turn of reachability of pneumatic stash outside of shelter (crafting)

Hi there @all,

I just took up this nice piece of game-art after playing it way back after the alpha has launched. And I'm enjoying it quite a bit, as it seem to have made great progress since then.
But something is bumming me out and I was wondering if you guys might know a solution to that.

Is there anyway someone can turn off the "reachability" of the pneumatic stash when you're outside of your shelter(s)? What I mean by that, Is the ability to craft something with items that are actually stashed in your homebase.

I really like the survival aspect of the game; as It is the one core-mechanism that make it entertaining imoo (well besides the bizarre story, humor and art style of course :) )
But it bummed me out over and over again that I'm able that craft some crucial item like a weapon or a tool (or even a piece of food...) In an otherwise desperate situation. It often just took so much excitement out of the moments that I was feeling on the edge the most.
And also... well... the ability to reach everything I gathered with ease does not feel very rewarding for an ambitious hoarder/strategist aswell.. :)

So.. long story short... Is there a way I can turn this possibility off?
As there are developer-cheats and console-commands, I figuredIt is worth a shot to ask :)

Thanks in advance and best regards
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