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The Great Stink

Ended up having to close out the game after defeating the Jubilator due to a sound problem. The sound cut out entirely. When I came back, I lost the expansion kit I had used already and I couldn't find Peter Thump to talk to and I couldn't leave or escape. I was locked in, unable to back track or go forwards. When using the Ghost command, I tried to leave via the hatch behind the locked door, but it ended up killing me instantly by dropping me in a body of water. Also are there any console commands for expanding the inventory? That was the first kit I had run into and its becoming very difficult to go about since I'm either right before getting overburdened or on the knife's edge of getting overburdened. This is on the birdwatcher difficulty.
  • Update:
    Found him, he was invisible and I had to walk around searching for the proc to talk to him.
  • Got a glitch where I've switched the 3 main power switches but the mission won't progress,
    Also missing most of the text for the mission description below the objectives box
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