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Slaughterhouse Apprentice

Couldn't find the Eviscerator part, so I spawned it in, no biggie I guess
Then I messed up gameplay, got shocked, fainted, and spawned the next day. Box was on the table so I put it in the box rejector/acceptor.

Couldn't Approve/Reject box. So now I have a box in the boxenator with no option to interact at all.

Go back to the processing room and the body bag has fallen off.
Can't put the body back on the machine.
End up getting killed in a "Death of a thousand shocks" sort of way. This time I didn't faint, just died.
was playing on 1-death so... game over. whoops.

All in all, it was going great and then the level broke in too many ways. Needs some looking at..
  • heey, how did you spawn the eviscerator part. I'm stuck in an endless loop of trying to find the broken piece that the level has decided to make disappear, and I keep being zapped to death. I tried using ghost mode to fly down to the basement or back on to the street but there was no street and the basement didnt have a working exit.
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