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Xbox 1 Bugs/Glitches/Exploit (Spoiler's)

I just played through almost all quest lines and side mission's. The game is great. I love how far it has come from the early access version I played a year ago. I don't know if these issues have been addressed before so forgive me if they have.
Bug/Glitch Mystery House- NPC's Can still see through walls/floors the quest was unbeatable for me. I am sure they could even see out of the back of those heads.

The multitool was never found. Also I never was able to us a brilliant trap tool.

The reform house invite disappeared from my inventory multiple times leaving no access to that building. Even when I bought it from the vendor.

Exploit- I found 5 fake cat statues in addition to the marble cat. I sold them for 25 sovereign's each and then I was able to buy them back for nothing at all. This enabled me to empty all vendor's of their inventory and empty the registers of all cash. I was rich.

The old soldier's quest would not allow me to find the missing foot locker. The rifle opened up the secret room by the coffin but the mount by the crushed brother would not accept the rifle.

There were many times when the game locked up/ NPC'S would get stuck or would not allow interactions.

The root cellar's buttons would not open any visible doors.

The honey bee quest was missing

The Cult of Jack quest would reset the loot portion of the quest every 24 game hour's.

The following mum's ghost quest led me around the the map but didn't resolve to any thing. Just a long and dull walk around all night while on mushrooms.

Thanks for the great game and allowing the fans to help polish it up and make it great.

  • * edit I found 5 fake cat statue's in addition to the Marble Cat.
  • Did you ever have any trouble using or equipping a torch? I can't get one to equip no matter what I do and I need it to progress. Thanks.
  • I am having a problem with the Butcher's Apprentice quest. It says I need to sabotage the machine, but the broken piece I needed has disappeared. I saw it when I was doing the tutorial of how to use the machines, but didn't grab it right away and then it disappeared. Now I am not sure how to sabotage the machine and complete the quest. Any advice would be appreciated.
  • Lol that happened to me also just today now I am stuck hiding in the bathroom so I don't get zapped to death
  • And I also have experienced those glitches and also I saved in the jubilator mission then played the next day and the sequence when the jubilator loses control I kept dying but it didn't happen when i didn't save.. If any of that makes sense
  • Overall a great game amd play it often.. I Yam What I Yam
  • I have also come across the big/glitch in I Sing Body Electric. I have beaten the two jubilatiors and now it says I have to speak to Peter Thump, I can’t find in at all. The only way I have been able to go about the game is ghost mode through the door. But I can’t complete that quest because I haven’t spoken to Peter.

    Other than that this is an awesome game!
  • I have been playing recently and come down with infection and the plague. My safe house doesn't have a chemical station, nor did I get the recipe for one after picking up the phenocycline syringe from the other safe house. Did the chemistry stations just decide to not populate in my game?
  • Im not sure if this has happened to anyone else or its just me but when I go to see the items i have they arent highlighted so I have to guess my way around and look at the side to see what Im on but thats rather annoying to dump things I want to keep all the time.
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