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Fix these bugs

Okay don't get me wrong, this is a good game and has a good concept behind it but you are just god awful with following through with the execution. I understand this is still the pre-release version but for god sake fix your shit. Half of the time i'm playing something glitches out, i cant beat the mystery house because apparently enemies can see me through walls and i cant deliver the packages for ed because one guy teleported into the ocean, i can see why your game got bought out by another company, because you guys gave up on your own game and thats just sad. You keep saying you'll fix it next update but i've seen 3 updates since my post about the mystery house and you even commented saying you'd get it fixed next update and you havent
  • What exactly are you hoping to accomplish with a thread that demands the developer fix the bugs in their game but then levels cheap insults at said developer?
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