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General Bugs I Found Casually

I will probably only post this once, but feel free to do what ever you want with this discussion as you guys choose.
BTW, I use gyazo for my images because my computer doesn`t have a photo driver so I can`t use anything else to show my photos ;-; don`t feel unsafe with the gyazo links though.

Ok, I love this game and if was hilarious some of the bugs that are in the game.
Like phasing through the map on the hills and in my "safehouse" after fast travelling; safehouse:
The hills weren`t that bad becuase I had to crouch in certain areas to make the bug occur and it is just a generation that occurs a lot. But the safehouse was totally unintentional and I died becuase it pushed me into the water (would hate to die by a bug on perma death, especially if I do speedruns of the game).

There were more phasing but it was done by the npcs due to yet more generation mishaps. For instance, land sharks, I mean land humans; Basically what happened here was it spawned two floors, one with the road underneath a normal one. This caused the npcs to be able to walk though it but not me. This did cause me trouble beacsue I wasn`t able to go to the second floor of a house becuase a floor had spawned in the stairs.

I also had the crazy legs quest guy stand there and not move. Some npcs like in the cult of jack, after the movie had stopped, continued to clap forever. With some quests, like the duck, it skipped having to talk to them and went to talking to them the second time. The quest with the guy being forced to drink moeline, the npcs that were supposed to force him were just standing there not doing anything and I was very confused.

Also, it might just be my shit computer, but when changing from resolution of naitive to a lower and then back to native, my game crashed and I had to hard reboot my computer.

Overall, the bugs happened in areas not like the bridge watch becuase those areas are more prespawned then the areas in the actual island. This bugs also occured more often in multiple layered places instead of flat places with houses. The quest bugs could be fixed by having a sort of check to make sure the first thing was done before the second? Basically, your game just needs more polishing, but I don`t expect that until the final release with all the content.

Even though the game has a ton of bugs and crashes, it is still the best game in the world, just barely beating jazzpunk :P. I am happy I got the game and am anxious to learn about the story and characters soon to come.
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