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Life in Technicolour Xbox One Bugs

Few bugs I noticed while playing the new update on the Xbox One:

1) When you take joy, everything except the options menu goes completely white. You can fix it by saving and returning to the main menu, but your joy is then gone.

2) While you are sitting on a bench, the NPCs will sit on top of you and you cannot move until they leave.

3) The runner who gives you the Phlash once you complete his quest has completely disappeared after starting to run.

I could only make it to the shelter in St. George's Holm this time because I needed joy to get through the shelter encounter. Obviously, the joy was making the screen white out so I gave up. Up until that point, great update!

Picky note from me because I abhor constantly having to fight. There was a very overwhelming number of wastrels with the plague running at me in St. Lud's Holm. I had to stop just about every minute and fight one. For Birdwatcher mode (which I was in), I would love it if the number of plagued wastrels was cut down a bit.

Thanks for the great work!
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