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The slaughterers apprentice

Help! I'm stuck on the slaughterers apprentice I'm in the basement and got my stuff now I can't get out. At first there was no option to use the ladder again. I quit the game then reloaded and now I have the option to climb the ladder but it won't let me.... What do I do?
  • I used ghost mode to get out of the cellar back to the street but the butcher is still repeating to come back to the room over and over again. I've traveled to different city's and still nothing... Ug!
  • torielizabethtorielizabeth Member
    edited October 2017
    Bug Fix:
    put an item into the locker. take it back out, go hide, wait for him to be out of site and then go to the ladder it will work that time.

    otherwise you are stuck, if you get caught by him you'll be stuck and unable to then quit the game it will reload you to the cellar, and do this ^
  • fixed it by putting an item back into the locker, then took it out. but now its stuck and wont let me move even in ghost mode!
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