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Bug in "Slaughterer's Apprentice"

Hi everyone! During the quest "Slaughterer's Apprentice" I've got a problem with the quest item, the mechanical part of the machine that you repair earlier during the quest line. The first time I've tried to sabotage the extruder I haven't got any problem and I've continued the quest by entering in the cellar and recovering all my items. After that I've been defeated by the spanker and once again I started from the little room where you first start the quest but without the quest item! I've tried to use the developers cheats and try to create a metal tube inside the cellar but with no results. In the end I've forced the end of the quest by flying outside and sleeping inside the shelter of that island. Anyone else have found this bug?
  • RaySkyeRaySkye Member
    edited September 2017
    I usually find the part between the 'crusher'(?) and cyclone mincer on the floor. Try checking there. It may be different if you are on a console...
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