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Quotes from the plague victims translated

xMoshiixMoshii Member
in WHF General Discussion edited September 19
The plague victims keep saying things that we don't really understand. But after a few searches on Google, it turns out they're speaking Old English, and they're quoting lines from an old poem called Beowulf.

se mánscadaevil attacker
godes yrre bærbearing God's anger
faégne flaéschomanthe doomed cloak of flesh
seonowe onsprungonsinows sprang asunder
burston bánlocanbone-locks burst
þegnsorge dréahanguish of thane-loss oppressed him (not sure of this one)
aldres orwénawithout hope of life
saédéor monigmany sea-beasts
wraéc micelgreat misery
módes brecðaa breaking of his spirit
hafelan multonheads melted
bengeato burstonthe wound-gates burst open
hie wyrd forswéopthey have been swept aside by Fate
deorc déaþscuathe dark death-shade
hé æt wige gecrang (,) ealdres scyldig he fell in the fight, having forfeited his life
þone dolsceaðanthe rash ravager's
wiht unhaélothat damned creature
féond on hellewaes"féond on helle" = a fiend in hell, but the -waes part doesn't really belong here because that's part of the next sentence in Beowulf
ðaér ábídan sceal (,) maga máne fáh (,) miclan dómes   there he must await, the creature stained with crimes, the great judgement
nó þý leng leofað (,) láðgetéonanot the longer does he live, the hateful spoiler

I think I've got them all but in case I missed one, most translations can be found by using this sentence in Google without the quotes:
"site: InsertOldEnglishHere"

EDIT: no idea why there's so many empty space in between the top text and the table, I can't edit it out either.
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