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Mary Bailie, Terrible Life

Good afternoon,

I recently met a nice couple in Lud's Holm, George and Mary Bailie. The poor dears had fallen on some hard times so I decided to help them out.

I went to run an errand only to find Mary standing on her bed!

I tried to talk to her but she was intent on looking off into the distance.

I suppose it could have been worse. On a previous visit I found George standing in the corner.

I decided not to press the matter and assume that Mary had caught him doing something naughty.

Kind regards,
  • I had the same problem and could only continue with the quest once I restarted the game. Mary was standing in her bed the whole quest and I had to restart each time I wanted to complete the next step of the quest. In the end I left her at the wrong bridge ( because it had both bridges highlighted as an option) and George stayed home in his chair. I restarted again only to find I went the wrong way so I went by myself over to the correct bridge. Once I got there I randomly here some voice lines from Mary and the quest completed it's self. On the quest check list, carrying Mary to the bridge wasn't even checked so it was strange.
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