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I Sing Body Electric and a long list of bugs.

Ive encountered a number of bugs with the game since purchasing it back during initial release with many resolved and many not. A few of the most notable, as most are just a byproduct of random gen in Unreal going wrong, are relatively annoying, with a handful being unavoidable. First of all, I have never been able to complete I Sing Body Electric because, after leaving to tell Opheliate or whatever her name is of the evidence, all quest markers cease. There is no way to find the hatch again to get back down and escape via jubilator without marking the hatch beforehand, to which I have not been able to find it again after several hours of searching. Another bug being with the Lightbearer quest, upon attempting to enter his house. The windows required to enter and climb up and through are often perma-locked with no way through outside of using ghost, and is just overall obnoxious when attempting to make a legitimate playthrough. As well as Old Soldiers is unable to be completed due to the antique Lee Enfield being unable to be mounted over the mantle to reveal the trapdoor. Quest incompletable due to this. The quest markers for Faradays Cage and the Uncle Jack quest do not go away after completion and are generally annoying to see every moment the map is looked upon. Wastrels and Joytakers can often be seen completing actions, or walking, sideways on the ground. No amount of movement they do stops the oddity, where others simply crawl around houses in the sitting animation without actually sitting. The replica wax cat can be sold at Bobs & Ends for 25 coins each, then immediately bought back for free, and sold again. This can be done infinitely. The Doctor Feelgood Bombs seemingly have no effect and simply anger anyone it is thrown at. The double rolling pin range is so incredibly short that swings can be missed even though the model can be seen piercing through enemies and objects, whereas the cleaver, which is a smaller model, has a gratiously longer range. A few lesser bugs, if they are bugs that is, would be the morbid door in the meat shop not doing, well, anything in the means of accepting, and the fuse box in the pawn shop not doing anything when fuses are added. The Buried Away qiest (or whatever it is) has a permanent loop of Peeper audio after disabling it with a trap tool. The Lee Enfield Rifle has no stats marked as well, even though the bayonet has an incredible range, does a mass amount of damage, and has great durability. For some even lesser notices, Holy Yam still has no effect, and neither the Military Suit nor Lieutenants Uniform have no purpose (though I figure they will/should in the Parade District) though I would expect them to incite anger in wastrels upon sight, or something of the sort. Maidenholm will randomly also pop up a loading screen in the middle of the island, which is more annoying than anything.

To deter away from the bug talk for just a brief moment, I noticed that, after seeing there was a Lee Enfield rifle in the code that can be used as a weapon, I stumbled upon the board at the wastrels auction that stated "10 rounds of ammo (still good?)" In hopes to a ranged weapon outside of the weird vacuum cannon to be added, I look forward to full release and hope this bug count helps.

Note: All of these were found in a single non-stop playthrough, and have been replicated from a prior, broken up into several days, playthrough. All quests were done, with minimal issues outside of these bugs.

I play on PC through Steam.

-Brandon "Ramagucci"
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