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Whole Buildings not loading and other issues Xboxone

So ever since the hotfix came out I have been having issues with worlds generating. At first they weren't too bad like grass on the pavement , A huge empty space beside a downer detector that I could sneak through (Sweet!) etc. But then there would be hills on the roads and Wastrels glitched through. And then the house of Reform had only an entrance and a hole and a bunch of floating people. The church of simon says was also glowing bright white on the floor. And Nicks house had the same issues as the House of Reform.

Posted the bad cellphone pictures of the issues in Nicks House in a tweet since I have no clue how to attach anything on the forum:
  • StephanieStephanie Compulsion Team
    Could you try and save/load in these locations and see if this fixes the issue?
  • It fixed the Nick and House of Reform Issues but not the hills where roads are and the gaps between downer detector gates.
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