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Theory on cannibalism and on why Wellies can't have kids (may contain spoilers)

xMoshiixMoshii Member
in WHF General Discussion edited September 2017
Cannibalism. I think they eat each other. I don't think all Wellies are aware of this, but at least some of them have to know. I heard a guy yell at me "You're V-meat!" when we were having a fight. Either V-meat is trash, and he's saying I'm trash, or I as a person am V-meat, and he's saying I'm food to him.
I also went on with a certain quest that's definitely hinting strongly towards this but I don't really want to spoil -too- much. The quest is brilliant.

Regarding Kids: yesterday I was doing a quest for the butcher. At some point he said to Arthur, "They don't make 'em like you any more! Well, I suppose they don't make 'em at all any more, ha ha!".
Basically the guy says Wellies can't make kids any more. Maybe they've turned sterile or can't get pregnant? Or: maybe the government doesn't allow children anymore, and Joy is not only a drug to make you happy, but it's also some sort of birth control pill.

I also remember a female Wastrel asking for food, saying "I'm eating for two, you know". Since she was a Wastrel and a Downer, that means she no longer takes Joy. No more Joy means no more birth control. Meaning there was a chance for her to get pregnant. Though there's always the possibility she was lying and just wanted to get more food. But still!

I'm guessing whatever happened in the past that made them all so very sad that they had to invent Joy to be happy and forget about it, had something to do with children. "The Very Bad Thing" involved children, so now children are no longer allowed because seeing a child would trigger sad memories and make everyone a Downer.

What do you guys think?
  • Another thing that backs up the kid theory is the article that you can censor in the beginning in Clives office about the "breeder riot" where a bunch of people attacked a pregnant woman out of jealousy
  • And in the article they say that "women should cover themselves and not show that they are pregnant and not to flaunt what others can't have"
  • Exactly! Seeing a pregnant woman reminds them of kids and makes them down and they don't want that.
  • EudaimoniaEudaimonia Member
    edited September 2017
    Wow. Now that you mention it, what if the dark secret is that they had to eat their own children to survive (keeping in mind that a shortage of food is a common theme in the game and that the game looks generally depopulated given the year)? What if Joy isn't birth control at all, but people simply don't have children out of a sense of collective shame?

    Would certainly explain the crazy religious nut throwing rocks at people ("Come and be judged", "You'll eat your children at the rapture" and whatnot), the obsessive societal need for EVERYONE to take their joy and for everything to be censored to maintain a collective illusion, the disgust and jealousy associated with children, and the eyes... damn, those eyes.
  • xMoshiixMoshii Member
    edited September 2017
    It's possible they ate their children but I'm not entirely sure of it. I believe during the quest where Arthur was carrying the butcher's boy, thery were talking about Percy. Arthur said he was somewhere in Germany or Russia. And in the beginning of the game we hear Percy calling Arthur his name with the sound of a train in the background (also, sometimes when Arthur goes to sleep, he says "try not to dream about trains"), Percy his voice sounds like that of a child so with that in mind, there's a chance they sent their children away to Germany or Russia.
    But then the question is, what's so horrible about them having sent their children away? One would assume that during a war, you want your children to be safe so you send them away to a safe place or country, but Germany was winning the war, so why would they send their children to Germany (if that was the destination, that is)? Maybe they had to "sell" their children to the Germans or it was some sort of trade for something else, and their children would then have to do horrible things, resulting in them feeling incredibly guilty for allowing it to happen. Though I feel like that doesn't sound "horrible" enough.
  • yvesyves Member
    edited November 2017
    Joy definitely makes you sterile. That's been my thought since the Wastrel line "'Mind the side effects!' Ooh, but there's a big one we don't talk about, isn't there?!" It's always a woman who says that; I'm fairly certain Joy is keeping them from having children.

    Furthermore: one of the ads (have a photo somewhere, though it's bad quality) in the opening scene newspapers asks you to bring your children to Cutty's, in exchange for... an amount of meat equaling the same weight.

    I don't think all the children were eaten. I think some were put on trains; WHF is certainly dark, but I don't feel like it's quite so dark so as to just go "oh yeah, Percy's meat now. Arthur's entire quest was for nothing. Sorry!" But there is definitely a huge likelihood that people are being made into meat. I mean, every time someone mentions V-Meat, they bring up how they don't know what it's made of. All downers/dead bodies are sucked up by Jubilators and taken somewhere we don't know about. Somehow, Cutty is still selling V-Meat, despite there being no animals.

    And of course-- why make V-Meat filled with Joy? You have the water, and tea, and coffee, and if you're thinking 'well food HAS to be filled with it', no, they have un-Joyed bread and fruit/vegetables. But if you make meat out of someone who's full of Joy...
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