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List of bugs (will be updated from time to time)

Hi! My name is Magali, I'm from Belgium. I'd like to use this topic to post the bugs I encounter while playing. I usually game a few hours every evening whenever I have some time left. So whenever I encounter a bug, I'll write it down here in a new reply in the hopes of it being helpful for the developers. Sharing is caring, right? Here are some bugs from version 44776. I play on PC.

September 3rd, 2017
- there's an empty quest called "dig spot" with no further text in it.
- when in Gemma's house in Maidenholm, the moment you go into the study and one of the two doctors is knocking on the metal shutter/door, if you press the button again the shutter goes up and you see both doctors but they don't see you, the animation of the doctor knocking continues.
- at night, when the subtitles are on and you walk through town it often says "snoring" even when you don't really hear any snoring. Same for "screaming" during the day when you don't hear any screaming but the subtitles still say so. Maybe the range/radius is off?
- in Inis Holm, at the back of a house where you turn a valve and the Motilene pipe explodes that kocks those 3 guys unconscious (for me it was across the street of the quest "I sing body electric" location but maybe that's not always the case since the map is generated) there's a hatch to go underground. When you enter the underground area, the walls are bugged (starts when you go through the door on the right of the fire) and you can fall through the floor near the ventilation shaft and in the corner around the ventilation shaft. EDIT: after reloading the game a few days later, the area seems to have regenerated and is now working.
- sometimes people play patty cake while they're standing too close to each other, resulting in what looks like two Wellies slapping each other's face.

That was all I discovered today. Now I lay me down to sleep. Goodnight!
  • xMoshiixMoshii Member
    edited September 2017
    Bugs discovered yesterday:
    - For the quest "The Pipe is Broken": if you harvest the Motilene first, then fix the pipe, the quest will still ask you to harvest Motilene and the option to do so won't appear again (maybe disable the option to harvest Motilene and enable it as soon as the pipe has been fixed).
    - On Plassey Bridge, when you want to go to Maidenholm using the side entrance: if you go through the Downer detector as a Downer and the alarm goes off and a Spanker emerges from the floor, you can jump/climb over the spanker.
    - In one of the two war vetarans their homes (the one where you can place the gun above the fireplace), at a certain point the shutters of the house rolled down when I was still inside. I couldn't get out of the house because there are bars in front of the windows and the doors were blocked by shutters. There was also a Wellie that knocked on the bathroom door but the door was open so he was knocking on air.

    That was about it!
  • xMoshiixMoshii Member
    edited September 2017
    Bugs discovered today:
    - When doing the last part of the quest "Superb Meat Boy", where you're preparing meat for the butcher in the shapes needed for the pickups, a shocker sometimes still shocks you even though you were active the whole time.
    - If you carry Ed MacMillan and you try to take him through the downer detector on the side of Plassey Bridge, you'll drop him and he'll end up stuck below the floor. You can't pick him back up without using ghost mode.
    - In Maidenholm: the quest where you need to inspect the body of the guy who died near the motilene spill while two bobbies are watching: if you inspect his body while wearing a gas mask, then run off in a nearby field and wait a while, all of a sudden Arthur will start coughing (even though he's wearing a gas mask) and sometimes the audio of the coughing sound is doubled like you hear him cough the same cough twice in a row, with the sound of it overlapping each other. Like an echo.
    - In addition to the previous bug mentioned: after saving and quitting the game and restarting it with the gas mask still equiped, you'll load the game on a bench reading the newspaper but Arthur is still coughing (and sometimes echo coughs). Removing the mask doesn't solve the issue nor does reequipping it. After about 10 seconds of sprinting around, the sound went away.
    - If you have enabled Invulnerability mode though the developer console and drink tap water that has Joy in it, the screen will go white and stay white. It stops when you disable Invulnerability mode.

    There you go. Hopefully these are of any use.
  • Still on version 44776. Here are the bugs I encountered today.

    - There were no subtitles when talking to Nick Lightbearer

    - I was playing Simon Says as Nick, and somehow managed to spank down all 8 Wellies. Resulting in the machine not breaking. I was stuck on the spot. After reloading the save I could finish the quest because then the machine broke after the 7th Wellie was struck by the spanker.

    - I had an encounter with a constable at the police office in Maidenholm, and got killed because of an overenthusiastic blood donation. Anyway, the game goes to back to my nearest save. But now all of a sudden all the Wellies hates me because apparently I'm not dressed properly. I have been wearing fab threads the whole time. Changing to different clothing doesn't do a thing. Making new fab threads and wearing those also doesn't make a difference. I went to Lud's Holm to check and see if the same issue was going on with the wastrels there. I put on my torn clothes and walked towards a Downer, who immediately got upset with me and started saying that I was wearing nice clothes even though I had the torn clothes on. So basically, no matter what I wear, both Downers and Wellies will get hostile towards me because they think I'm wearing the wrong clothes.

    That's about it. I'm gonna go play some more so if I encounter more bugs I'll edit this post and add them.
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