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What are the economics of Joy?

I was wondering that since Joy is given to Wellies for free via Joy Booths and stuff how is it economically beneficial? Normally when something is considered to be a necessity like food, -for the Wellies Joy is necessary- how is it viable to be produced or beneficial for the producer? (Sorry if this does not make sense it's just something that's been on my mind lately)
  • AlexAlex Compulsion Team
    If there was a terrible plague, you would expect the government to provide a vaccine against it, wouldn't you? What is a government for, if not to keep the people healthy and safe? Can you think of anything unhealthier than having a lot of Downers running around reminding people of sad things? I know I can't.
  • I get the impression from things I've seen in the game so far that it started out like any other drug, having research trials and a pharmaceutical company etc. So, privately owned and marketed. It seems to have become a wildly popular drug, to the point that it captured the public imagination. A political movement probably saw the potential for utopia in it, and gained influence in the government, which likely subsequently nationalized the drug's production, marketing and distribution and gave it away it as a public service, and more notably a method of social control.
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