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After the new hotfix

bleep13bleep13 Member
in WHF General Discussion edited September 2017
"maeve hastings" (Arthur's mom) is still a randomly generated name when you talk to her. It wasn't before "Technicolour". It was "maeve"
I like "Harold Cream". I forget who he was before "Tech", but his new incarnation is as cool as the old(sly references)
Had to look up "Pig a pancake"...yep, that's it.
Plague wastrels...a LOT tougher.
the removal of the valve in the aforementioned toiletries makes it more...
WHAT IS A MULTITOOL! It's not clever, or brilliant but something else not craftable. So where do I get it? I don't like making noise like I have since "Tech" came out (for Peachy)
  • My problem is that all of my found skill books are lost after a game save and re-load. Sometimes this has been avoided by looking through the list of passive effects just before the save/exit but not always!
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