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44776 - Life in Technicolour Hotfix 2

NailaNaila Moderator, Compulsion Team
in WHF General Discussion edited August 28
Gameplay Alpha 6.2

This is the second PC hotfix for the Life in Technicolour update, and contains a bunch of code and content fixes to improve the game.

• Fix case where player could get stuck after riding the Jubilator in I Sing Body Electric.
• Fix case where an objective would not complete in Mystery House.
• Fix case where NPCs would be missing upon returning to Mushroom Log.
• Fix an issue with map marker not updating correctly upon posting flyer at 1st location in Speaker’s Corner.
• Fix the map marker for finding Margery’s diary in Give a Pig a Pancake.
• Fix for unexpected failure of Speaker’s Corner quest.
• Mysterious chest will now open again after finding a bell in it.
• Fix case where Faraday would not talk into the window after you drop off the bucket in House of the Inventor.
• Make sure eviscerator will spawn on reload if it is needed.
• Fix for the dealer not being invisible inside his cart.

• Create recipe for metal tubes - can be used to create some hard-to-find items.
• Using any health/stamina/regen boost will now give you back an empty syringe in your inventory.
• Fix detection direction on worship animation.
• Canteens no longer disappear after use.

• Allow button hold to move stack of items in a single action.
• Fixed HUD status effects not updating while in the inventory screen on Downer and Birdwatcher.
• Fix missing bound key for consumable items in inventory.
• Fixed problems with time passing and stat calculations when fast travelling.
• Fixed an issue with key binding displays not updating after they are changed.
• Fixed double clicking to track quests on quest screen.
• Fixed an issue where some of the input displays weren't always updating.
• Added mouse over sounds for the player sub menu buttons.
• Fixed a problem where an invisible UI element was blocking legend entries from being selected.
• Crop status effects in the status effect screen if they are too long.
• Fix for some icons not showing up in the map.
• Fix an issue causing journal entry tracked and unread icons to overlap.

• Fix a few more cases where HDR support could be enabled in old configuration data.
• Add loading screen videos while streaming in-game.
• Fix cases where interaction between vomiting and using a Joy Booth would cause the player to be stuck inside the booth.
• Fix crash on talking to NPCs in Shibboleth quest.
• Fix a number of other crash cases.
  • Now I can't do anything with my stash. I can't equip, use anything, etc. Which it's kinda hard if I can't use anything or change my clothes so people won't fight me
  • Any news on when these updates are coming to the XBox?
  • AKCAKC Member
    edited August 30
    Yes, when does the full game come out?
  • @AKC v 1.0 is out on April 13th 2018

    At the moment I just want my canteens to not disappear after using them.
  • AlexAlex Compulsion Team
    Canteens disappearing is a known issue. Sorry, and we hope to fix it soon.
  • still stuck on the i sing body electric mish. no longer greyscreen death loop. im getting a 'went for a swim' in the newspapwr now. do u think it would be better to start a new game re update?
  • NailaNaila Moderator, Compulsion Team
    @Misanthrope Yes that might most likely fix the issue.
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