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Life in Technocolor bugs

Some bugs I have found while playing the game.

1. Filled canteens completely disappear after drinking, instead of empty canteens showing up.
2. If you have two weapons of the same kind, one is damaged and another has full "durability" and if you take both of them and them deposit both back into the storage, both will have full durability.
3. In the area with plagued wastrels, some still show up during the day.
4. Mystery house is almost impossible to complete, since NPC many times can see you through walls. When you take down some of them, they will immediately see you as well. Other times when you get in front of them and they see you, you don't get teleported out. During the first teleportation sequence, I ended up dying instead. Would we a real bummer for someone with permadeath enabled.
5. The quest menu is whacked most of the time. Completed quests categorize with active, active with completed, etc. Also would help to have completed section of quests for secondary quests.
6. Campers cooking a rubber duck quest completed for me immediately after talking to the "cook". Also quest remains on the map with "talk to campers" item unchecked.
7. The water pump and water filter quest: the pump will not be selectable, thus potentially breaking the progression of the game completely (since you get pump valve from that). For me it got fixed when I restarted the game.
8. Mystery chest quest (the chest that gets you the revenge of a witch if you open it) is completely bugged. It keeps saying to come back another day with gas being released every time when you open it with no progression.
9. Biological hazard quest, can't find the NPC to talk to.

Other than that, love the update and direction the game is going. Good job guys.
  • sobakossobakos Member
    edited August 27
    Some more:
    1. Church of Genesius/Simon Says game. When the console is fried, Arthur is stuck at the console. Had to reload the game, replay the sequence and the quest progressed.
    2. Can't place rifle on top of the fireplace in old soldiers quest.
    3. Jubilators spawn in the air.
    4. Some sleeping wellies/wastrels spawn either in the air on top of their beds or just in the air.
    5. For the quest where you have to escape and fight the jubilator in the end, might wanna add some canteens with water and maybe a bed. First time players might not be aware that it is a long quest and might come a little tired/thirsty/hungry.
    6. In the village some doors are bugged. When they are closed, only the door label would appear and the rest of the door is missing. Really amusing when NPC's knock on the empty air.
    7. Sunshine pills do not work in the downer detection booths.
    8. In the old soldiers quest, in the house where NPC is crushed by a bookcase, other NPC are freely walking into a house, sit down in chairs, playing hand slapping games with each other, right in front of the crushed NPC. Looks like a morbid party. In line with We Happy Few I guess.
    9. Audio disappears in many cases. Started happening during Jubilator fight scene.
    10. The last cutscene with Dr Faraday when you talk to her before she escapes, the audio is completely cut out and the cutscene gets stuck, so you have to skip it. Then everything resumes.
    11. A big one and another bummer for permadeath players. In the long quest where you ride and fight a jubilator, right at the beginning where you have to cross three electrified panels. After short-circuiting and crossing the first two, the last one appears to be short-circuited by a maintenance wellie. When crossing it, something happened and I ended up dying anyway. Next time I still short-circuited it for a good measure and passed successfully.
    12. For one particular house in the hamlyn village, the environment generation got bugged and half of it was just a wall. Some room doors were opening into a wall and there was even a stuck wellie in the wall. Had glowing red eyes for some reason.
    13. Polarity logic on traps is a little bugged. If you change the polarity on the trap with tesla zappers, they may still target you as a downer after a wellie triggers it. Also, NPC's will accuse you of killing someone zapped with a tesla and will start fighting you. I was trying to cause a little chaos with reversing polarity next to a detection laser at one of the checkpoints in the village, while dressed as a maintenance worker (which did not cause a suspicion fiddling with panels as expected), but still ended up being blamed/targeted after chaos ensued.
    14. When you escape two joy doctors searching the journalist's house and lock yourself in a study with a button. If you press on the button again, the metal shutter will still raise and you can see two joy doctors and one of them knocking on the empty space.
  • P.S. All there bugs are for PC version.
  • LeeLee Member, Compulsion Team
    Thanks for the feedback.
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