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Frenchy on board !

kylekyle Member
in Introduce yourself edited August 23
I ve already fall in love for contrast (the precedent product of compulsion studio).
I have discovered We Happy Few since a while. But now, i m on board to follow all that stuff and to make sure no one forget to take it's joy ! I hope the best for this product.

As main contributor on a new french platform for gamers, i ve created the "We Happy Few" Page

In real life, i like vegans, ecology and animals and i feel that most of poeple are disconnected from reality of our world. Technologies like programming and games should be used to learn poeple to fight for things that matters.

Ow i forget to tell, i know object programmation and willing to improve my Angular4 mastery. I m trying to find a project using such technology but in France, it's like searching for a needle in a haystack.
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