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TV and Radio

Hello everyone,
id like to make a suggestion. I think that the TV and radio could be a bit lauder. I can barely hear what Uncle Jack has to say.
I think that the stunning performance by Julian Casey deservers to be a bit lauder.

Thank you.

  • AlsusAlsus Member
    And please send my regards to mr. Casey!
  • StephanieStephanie Compulsion Team
    Thanks for the suggestion!
    For the time being, if you go into sound settings - you can keep the Broadcast audio at max, turn down the other sliders slightly and turn up the volume on your speaker/headphones and it should allow you to hear him better :)
  • AlsusAlsus Member
    Might i ask. Are you planning to ad any live action cut scenes to the game?
  • NailaNaila Moderator, Compulsion Team

    Technically no, but there is one scene that I think would should be used as a cinematic and I will pitch it to the team.
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