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  • Hunger, Thirst, Sleep

    I got this game through Steam early access and so far am enjoying the concept of the game. I've got about 2 hours into the game thus far (just bought it today) and so far my only complaint is how your hunger, thirst, and sleep depletes so fast I found myself constantly on the search for resources as opposed to doing any missions. I would understand if eating healthy food would last longer as opposed to rotten food but it seems like what you eat matters very little to how long you're able to stay "full." Thirst has the same issue but with water spouts available throughout the area it doesn't seem as cumbersome yet the constant need to check and "refuel" so quickly detracts from the ability to focus and complete missions. I like the mechanic overall but it needs to deplete much more slowly in order to enjoy the mission/story aspect of the game as opposed to simply walking around trying to find items so you don't starve to death or dehydrate.
  • Suggestions

    Just going to write some general suggestions and summaries of things I really liked/didn't like so far in my playthrough.

    Day/Night Cycle:
    + I am a HUGE fan of having dynamic events that occur either only during the day or only during night-time. It provides two distinctly different atmospheres within which you can play the game, and I think it definitely enhances the immersion of it all in the long run. Definitely a plus in my book.

    - I think that the Day/Night Cycle could absolutely be a bit longer, or at least more under the player's control. I find that there's not really enough time to fully commit to quests during the day or night without the time-frame changing halfway through the quest I'm trying to accomplish. The general pacing of the cycle feels rushed and it feels like I'm constantly in a hurry to get stuff done, or to explore. I'm not a huge fan of it. I understand that the passage of time needs to be paced relatively well, but I also feel like I should have time enough to accomplish what I'm setting out to accomplish.

    + Overall, always a positive mechanic that helps keep the player in a more 'survival' type of mood. I think that the cost of stamina regeneration versus conformity decreasing negatives is a good, strong gameplay mechanic that keeps the player honest and helps them balance their actions throughout the course of the day.

    - Again, almost all of these mechanics make me feel rushed while I'm playing. I feel as though I'm constantly scarfing down food to keep up with the day/night cycle, and that exhaustion cuts my actual ability to explore and discover the area that's available to me to a startlingly short time frame. Some gentle tweaks in making this a bit more forgiving, or some form of 'difficulty level' or slider that I can use to adjust this, along with the day/night cycle, would be preferable.

    Inventory System:
    + Keeping the player moving back and forth between the safe area is a fantastic idea, because it forces them to go out and explore in batches.

    - I quickly find, however, that because of the amount of food I scarf down in a day, most of my inventory is filled with food and water items. Otherwise, I don't particularly see a huge problem with this. It means I have to actually think about what I'm doing and manage my plans for the day accordingly.

    Map Markers and Quest System:
    + Relatively clean - good, concise legend and very easy to follow.

    - Alright. I have a bunch of problems with this, believe it or not, and I think that most of them are because the map isn't /quite/ working as intended. I have a number of map markers that stay beyond their usefulness and a lot of map markers that are just... in the wrong spot. It seems to vary /slightly/ with the game that I'm playing, but in general they just... aren't... correct.

    - Further, I would like the ability to toggle and track quests so that I can narrow my focus down to one particular quest at a time so that I'm not constantly having to try and hunt down the quest that I'm looking for, and I can just kind of follow it on the compass hud at the top of the screen.

    - Also, I'm not sure if this is intended, but I'm a big fan of having every quest have a map marker. While I understand this may break the immersion for some, I feel like an option could be added to toggle map markers off at least until you've uncovered the part of the map that you're looking for. Unless each quest is very clear and deliberate in what you're looking for, however, a map marker for at least the general region you should be looking in is incredibly helpful. Especially if you are trying to use a limited resource in order to locate your quest objective. [Looking at you Johnny Bolton and your Mystery House]

    Other than that, there are some bugs that I found with quests, including some script misfires and a couple of broken NPCs, but I'll post something in the bug reports forum.

    Overall? I love what I've played so far and I absolutely look forward to the final version of the game. I'll make certain to recommend it to my friends. Keep up the amazing work guys!
  • Hunger, Thirst, Sleep

    Thanks for your feedback, you all. We may work on the balance in the coming weeks.
  • Screenshot thread?

    10 minutes into We Happy Few and Chill and he gives you this look:


    (I'm sorry, it had to be done.)
  • Community Balance Update - Preview Branch - 28596

    • House of Curious Behaviors now set to spawn randomly, i.e. not always in a world generation.
    • Mysterious Chest set to respawn new contents every twenty-four hours.
    • Minor realization improvements and objectives changes to Thirsty Wastrels. Still a work in progress.
    • Realization improvements to Faraday’s Workshop. Repaired broken POIs (Roger should now pole dance again).
    • Realization improvements to Blood in the Streets.
    • Realization and objective changes to Poisoned Wastrel.
    • Biological Hazard no longer causes plague but may cause infection.
    • Walkabout yields more power cells on completion.
    • Added objective to Shibboleth to point players towards searching the suitcase.
    • Lovebirds active only during the day. Fixed twitching/teleporting characters.
    • The Broken Police Box now gives you metal bits and mechanical parts; tweaked interaction duration and added save game support.
    • Mrs. Stokes encounter no longer always spawns after you have played the game previously.
    • Increased damage done by bees - no more stealing honey without a padded suit.
    • More difficult to murder/incapacitate Crazy Legs.
    • Cannot open the same chest three times to complete TV Altar objectives. Wastrels cannot be led too far from the encounter area.
    • Simplified paying the toll interaction with the honey bridge bandit.
    • Tripwire alarms in the Garden District are now better balanced for risk vs reward, i.e. they tend to be less frequent in general but also generally summon angry wastrels if triggered. Also, they do not zealously guard the bathrooms, which was funny but unintentional. Sprung tripwires now deleted appropriately after save/load.
    • Added shopkeeper functionality to Hermit Treehouse allowing for sale of some collected items and purchase of desired items. Among other things you can now choose to spend sovereigns on are a couple of required quest items if you do not wish to search for/cannot find those items.
    • Players should not be able to get stuck in Quarantine Bridge any longer.
    • Public Works now requires the player to assist the worker. Player can no longer drink motilene.
    • Bobbies should tend to stick to the Tea Time encounter rather than go scouting for possible picnic locations.
    • Worshippers in Altar of the Yam convulse 45 seconds; reduced from 1.5 minutes.
    • Cannot kill the chef through the bars using a melee weapon.
    • Bug fixes! Including but not limited to progression blocking, save/load game errors, missing/not deleting map markers and dig spots, potential/confirmed crashes and unintended weirdness to House of Curious Behaviors, Campfire, the first safehouse, Altar of the Yam, Walkabout, TV Altar, Faraday’s Workshop, Lovebirds, Cutty’s Shop, Odds & Ends Shop, Lilies of the Field, Mushroom Log, Where’s the Power, Bobby Investigation, Mrs. Stokes, Thirsty Wastrels, Doll in The Dollhouse no longer falls to the floor, annoying “why are these dumb ropes still here?” bug fixed.

    • Hostility of wastrels heightened when players are inside their houses.
    • Bare handed wastrel attacks chance of giving infection reduced. Now at 10%.
    • Bobbies have a chance of dropping items when drunk.
    • Worker NPCs have greater health than normal Wellies.
    • NPCs react with VO to distraction objects.
    • Wellies do not accept gifts (we need to determine which gift a Wellie would like).
    • Bobby charge attack now warns more clearly by their shouting.

    • Crafting now split into five logical categories.
    • Active quest tracking
    • Objective markers now drawn on top layer of map.
    • Toxic waste spawners now marked on map.
    • Adjustments to multiple pickups that should prevent them from falling through the ground/floor if dropped.
    • Updated inventory icons for clean bandage, antiseptic, sewing kit.
    • Long subtitles split properly.

    • Constrained repetitive wastrel barks to trigger only when player is in proximity rather than in LOS.
    • General fixes to in-game text for clarity and typos.
    • Fix to fresnel glass material for telephone booths (graphical glitch fix).
    • Added missing beds, chairs, stoves to houses in second Garden District island.
    • Vomit decals now show up in the environment more frequently.
    • Multiple new NPC skin/wardrobe variants.
    • Added new NPC barks/VO.
    • Tweaks/improvements to select vfx.
    • Added some new weapons breaking vfx.
    • Visual improvements to banger tripwire explosions.
    • Disabled foliage dithering (caused black splotches on trees).
    • Reduced emissive properties on some vfx so that they do not blind you at night/in the dark.
    • Added new sewing kit model.
    • Performance optimizations for PC (already in Xbox build).
    • Retargeted animations for crier weeping.
    • Tweaked hand pose for some encounter props.
    • Additional encounter facial/mouth animations for dialogue.
    • Created flashlight hold animations, tweaked socket on mesh.
    • Updated OD animation.
    • Music box distraction object animates.
    • Player can no longer see outside the world in the intro sequence.

    • Gamepad aim acceleration tunable.
    • Separated X and Y aim sensitivities for both mouse and gamepad (symmetric by default).
    • Added gamepad aim dead zone setting.
    • Reduced gamepad rotation smoothing.
  • Weekly Journal - 26/08/2016 - New Quest System explained


    Sorry to interrupt the weekly update folks…

    But, I have it from a good source here at the Wellington Wells Police Department (Constable Constable) that that rascal of a scientist, Dr. Helen Faraday, has been captured. There were reports of bugs stating she was not in her cage. She was seen roaming about her home attempting to escape and in some cases she was just gone—and there were rumors that she had taken one of her houseboys with her, we still don’t know if that was by his choice or not.

    The good news is that both Dr Faraday and her Houseboy Roger have been safely returned to their proper game locations. This week I have personally taken every precaution to prevent this from happening again, though please keep in mind that with such a wily, cunning and beautiful specimen, anything is possible.

    In my attempt to keep Dr Faraday locked up, I addressed some other bugs that had to do with losing inventory or not being able to obtain objects from Dr Faraday. The solution was to create an object delivery system that worked well for both the player’s needs as well as Dr Faraday’s.

    After consulting with a few members of the team, I went with a Pneumatic Delivery System. Basically, it works like this: You put a Thingy in one side and that Thingy comes out the other, it’s much like the human digestive system—in fact, the instructions are so simple that even Roger and James could use it, if they were allowed.
    In other news, I spent my remaining time this week working on other quest issues around town to help make your experience with encounters… A Joy.

    Art Team


    I had fun playing with UV puzzles making this super modular underground/sewer/metro/bunker set that should be really useful when it comes to making cool stuff.

    Thank you for tuning in!

    Compulsion Games team
  • Screenshot thread?

    I knocked out a bobby and put him beside a Doctor for comparison. It turns out that Bobbies are taller. And hotter.


  • Weekly Journal - 08/09/2017 - Production update and regional price adjustment


    Greetings my mates. Another secretive week under the belt! Trust me, if you’re getting impatient about the story, I am equally if not even more eager to show you bits of narrative. Again this means I don’t have much to show you, but it keeps moving forward.  

    This week I finished working on the longest scene in the game, it was a lot of fun and took me a couple of late nights. Otherwise we are getting underway with effectively closing the shots. This means we’ve been scrolling through every completed scene, making sure everything is nice and tidy in order to sign off on the final animations and mark them audio ready.  

    Adding check marks and colouring the sheet in green is exciting!

    Design Team - David, Hayden, Antoine, Adam, Ben, Eric, Roxanne and Benji  

    As is now customary, the design team is working on story quests/encounters, meaning that most of them have to be very secretive.

    Eric The Fantastic  

    Last week or two has been story encounters. Mostly bridges. Waaaay too many bridges. Mostly just making the existing bridges work for all 3 characters. Plus some more department of science quest stuff #secrets. Cary made a sweet computer console, and hooking up all the buttons so they work in game is gonna be fun.


    Still well, alive and scripting! My head is 100% dedicated to deliver the playthrough of the second character (miss fancy pants). She’s got some very surprising mechanics, probably things that you don’t see a lot in video games. I’m currently going through her playthrough from beginning to the end and cleaning up any blockers that I come across. Progressively coming out of blocking phase. I wish I could openly talk about the story in the same way we talked about the sandbox but… of course we want to have a surprise effect (with a side dish of jazz hands ?).

    Art Team -  Whitney, Emmanuel, Tito, Marc-André, Sarah, Guillaume, Cary and PH  


    I have been doing really small changes everywhere so I feel like I haven't done much this week! I have mostly been fixing problems here and there, alongside lots of meetings with Remi to implement new textures on old models (gotta make the old stuff look as good as the new stuff) and finally I started working on secret new stuff.  


    Hello everyone! This week was a bit of a blur. I'm helping out on some environmental narrative for some fun new locations that I REALLY wish I could talk about! Here's a little teaser image:

    Another thing that I can finally share is this concept of Arthur Hastings. I rarely have time to spend getting images up to my liking, but I allowed myself that luxury for this one. I was really trying to get the feeling of the classic, slightly neurotic, bureaucratic Every Man. As you can see he's got a lot on his mind :)


    This week, I have been working on modifications for a story level to align better with narrative. We have cinematic flashbacks occurring in the level and they were too close to one another. So design has been adapted to lengthen the size of an area - and I’ve been doing an art pass on top of it.  

    Afterwards, I was able to go back to the special house I’m working on. It will be the biggest in terms of detail and work involved - and will be very iconic. Can’t show pictures for both locations since they are story related.

    Programming - Matt, Serge, Michael, Lionel, Rob, Evan, Maarten, and Guillaume (sometimes)


    This week I convinced the sun to move in the correct direction. There’s been quite a few of you who noticed that the sun does not rise in the east and set in the west. This was not part of a deeper conspiracy in our world, compass makers are still as trustworthy as ever. It was just a bug, which has now been fixed.

    After that I added some new events into the code for the weapons to allow Ben to create some cool gadgets, including the bee cannon. Unlike our other weapons you can charge it and fire it, instead of just swinging it at your enemies.


    This week it has been mostly surgery of my creatures. Some encounters were not spawning correctly. Well, not spawning *sometimes*, it would have been too easy otherwise. For example, in the new worldgen, crossroads were a rare event, but were mandatory for some new part of the scenario. So, I kidnapped a game designer (thank you Antoine ! ) and with his help, we did some good sleuthing, and found what the problems were. Good times. And yes, I let him go.


    Since last week, I've been working on the combat system in order to improve the whole experience. The first step was to fix some issues related to navigation that were preventing our AIs from working as a group. Then, with design, we iterated on the formation they should aim for, meaning that while some characters will keep you busy in close combat, others will throw stuff at you from farther away. On top of that, we will also implement people that cheer the mob but I'll come back to that in a later post. The idea is that combat will be more threatening, and more varied.  

    Toward our polish phase, we will have more attack variety so ensuring that our system can support that in an efficient data-driven approach is also at the heart of my efforts. Working closely with the animators in order to reach the design intention is a big part of being a gameplay programmer and that is so fun because they are highly creative persons (and I love that, isn't it why I do game in the first place? or because I'm a gamer myself, hard to tell).

    Thanks for tuning in!  

    Compulsion Games

  • Weekly Journal - 20/10/2017 - Parade District teaser

    Art Team - Whitney, Emmanuel, Tito, Marc-André, Sarah, Guillaume, Cary and PH  


    Rock’n Props for another week. I’m still trying to help everybody here with the last minute props before content complete. Unfortunately, this week I can’t really show them to you folks. A lot of them are too much related to the story. However, here’s a little walky talky I made:


    Hi people! This week it was all about the Parade District, and trying to make it look as pretty as we can, so Marc, Guillaume and I are working on the island, each of us have a section assigned and our work is to decorate with props, lights and give it the feel of a real place.


    Another day, another sign. Hey lil' babies! We're busy busy busy filling all the environmental narrative gaps, and that means lots of signs in the Parade District, where all the trendy Wellies go to get their fab goods, you know. Marc-Andre's going to plug these doers in, and make them look amazing (as he so often does). Can't wait for you guys to see the Parade for yourselves!!!


    The Village is undergoing major changes! After two years of creating story encounters and FX, I’m finally back on WorldGen!! Things are moving fast and some big decisions have been made in term of gameplay and final look of the procedural generation; we’ll have more control over it and will be able to predict how levels spawn, therefore being able to effectively art them up and place them into the world, no more gaps! The idea is also to compact the world and being able to predict and control the series of events the player will be facing. All of this is extremely exciting and signifies the final steps for bringing a powerful and coherent experience at anytime and anywhere in the world of We Happy Few!

    Engineering Team - Matt, Serge, Michael, Lionel, Rob, Evan, Maarten, Céline, Neil and Guillaume (sometimes)



    Ah, procedural generation, the realm of wonders and nightmares, of immense or tiny creations, some hard as diamond and other so brittle, they collapse under their own weight. Visiting this strange place, the careful traveler consider his path and his spells carefully as a simple variation can make a huge difference; there, the letter of difference between castle and cattle has immediate consequences. This week has been one of careful tuning and delicate changes, but those will make the city more hospitable, and more amenable to new inhabitants - a tighter, more compact Village. It was a cold place that looked at who wanted to move there with a reproachful stare. So we nudged its spirit toward a more tolerant perspective. 


    I have spent the week working on the Doctor, which can now revive someone that you killed during combat. Plus an effort on his signature weapon, the bone saw, has been done with Jules. His unique ability to smell someone that is not on joy allows him to chase you more efficiently than any other archetype (so take your drugs when you see him). We also continue to iterate on conformity rules to increase the pressure on the player while ensuring that the whole experience stays fun.


    Getting creepy as we approach Halloween, as I am working on stealth! Specifically this week I have been doing little bits and pieces to get distraction objects working. We want the AI to be so addicted to the sound of smashing and crashing that you can lead them wherever you want with enough empty bottles and rocks. Before this week the citizens of Wellington Wells were really uninterested in using their ears, but with a few tweaks they are getting better.  

    Hopefully we will continue to improve this, and other stealth gameplay, up until launch, because personally I prefer having the sneakier, less lethal approach to our encounters. After all, they were once your neighbours.

    Publishing – Steve, Jeff, Mike C, Mike R, Austin, Meredith, Elisa, Kat, Kelly, Nicole, Sean, Brad, and Erick (and more)



    Hey guys! My name’s Kat. I’m a recent East coast transplant to the Dallas area, and one the newest members of the Gearbox team. As the Publishing Project Manager, my days are spent working on thrilling things like Gantt charts, schedules, emails and spreadsheets (which I love)--basically making sure everyone has the most information possible to make awesome stuff! I’ve been working hard on the production of the Time Capsule (what we used to call the Collector’s Box), and currently have a prototype of the mask replica sitting on my desk! Caffeinated lifeblood in a can for scale:

    I also helped with a motion capture shoot for an upcoming trailer with Alex yesterday, which was awesome to see. I’ve never been part of something like that before and I learned a lot! I look forward to being able to share more with all of you in the future!

    Thanks for tuning in!

    Compulsion Games