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Welcome! This is where we talk about things, like games, space and pancakes.

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  • Stuck The Slaughterer's Apprentice [Xbox One]

    Sorry about that! I would recommend using ghost mode to fly back to street level. It seems as if we are having some major issues with this quest at the moment.
  • Weekly Journal - 04/08/2017 - August update date and price heads up

    Ok. No answer = no respect

    I will not buy your game. Bye.
  • game preview

    Ok thank you I just purchased it right now
  • Weekly Journal - 25/11/2016 - Back to Business

    Gee, that's encouraging.

    Programming Team


    After what feels like a six month break, I am finally finding time to come back to world generation. As you can see from the picture below, world generation is currently done on a whiteboard using diagrams of dubious value.

    This image has been resized to fit in the page. Click to enlarge.

    You can see a couple of things on here that we’re looking to address. One of these is removing the grid structure and moving to a more natural road structure, and one is bringing back height variation. There are some other hints about future plans, and our relationship with a shadowy worldwide organisation, if you are into that.

    It’s a bit challenging to show this today because we are not sure whether these will work out. However, if it does, the world should look and play with much greater variation with each playthrough. If it doesn’t, we’ll have to figure something else out.

    The game quests are broken, the support for the game is appalling, and the team is still all about eye candy. Maybe you need someone in the company with game development and customer support experience.
  • My Happy bugs

    If you have two controllers plugged in it will try and read both at once.
    That's entirely intentional. We're not a multiplayer game so there's no sense restricting inputs to one controller -- you should just be able to use whichever one you happened to pick up. Exactly how does this make anything "rather difficult"?
  • Xbox one bugs and lock ups

    I know those feels, I had my account hacked into and all of my stuff stolen as a kid. I somehow got super lucky and managed to get it back however. I log in from time to time to check my stocks , I wish I had figured out how they worked when I was a kid - I would have been rolling around in Neopoints.

    The issue with moon juice leach appearing twice should be fixed on the next version :)
  • Inappropriate NPC names

    Having played the Shipman quest last night my personal view is that the name is inconsequential. There is no reason for using the name. It doesn't add anything to the quest or the lore of the game (in its current form at least). This could easily be an argument for leaving it in, but my previous reasoning for not doing so still stands. Just my opinion...
  • Community Balance Update - Preview Branch - 28596

    Great job on a fast update/hotfix living the game!!
  • Community Balance Update - Preview Branch - 28596

    Still no change for the subtitles too small in 4k. Really come on
  • Dispose of Mrs. Stokes

    I had no trouble with it. I'm on Xbox though so that could be it.