Weekly Update - See you next Tuesday!

Hey everyone, 

Judgement Day is upon us! We have finalised the release candidates on all platforms, so we will see you next Tuesday the 26th of July on Xbox One Game Preview, Steam Early Access and Games In Development at 9AM EST! 

Until full release, we will be calling this version of the game the “Gameplay Alpha”, because that sentence above is a bit of a mouthful! It’s also to remind everyone that the Gameplay Alpha will not contain any of the playable characters' stories besides the introduction shown at E3. You will be able to experience the complete narrative when the game goes into full release next year. 

The procedural world, on the other hand, will continue to expand as development progresses. Please treat this as an opportunity to learn (and break) the rules of Wellington Wells and experiment with some of the key features. To contribute your feedback, come visit us at Also, this game is still in development, so keep in mind that you may experience issues or lose progress between updates. 

Sam also wrote a great blog post for Xbox Wire explaining how We Happy Few came long, the development process and our artistic vision.

Animation Team  


Hey guys, sorry for not keeping you updated for the past couple of weeks. I was quite busy on the E3 Gameplay animations that you have all seen on the Microsoft stage! Then as the Early Access release gets closer and closer, I spent a LOT of time working on bug fixes and animation integration so you can get the best experience from the get go. Luckily, I was able to spend some time on creating new animations this week! So in the video you will see an animation for when the player uses the Trap Disarm tool.

On the more technical side, I finally was able to integrate Clothing Colour Variants for the Wastrels. That means that we will be able to have a lot more color variations in the game. The way it works is basically to change a parameter in the material that changes the color of only one part of the texture, so we can create as many combinations as we want.

And finally, I made something that is kind of a hint for the upcoming encounters that we will be making in the upcoming months. I created and tweaked the hold poses for the Torch Light item. Since the torchlight is attached to the player, it required us to adjust the animation for the light to point in the middle of the screen. That includes toning down the running animation and making sure we see well in front of us when we are crouched. Enjoy!


Hi! I’m going to keep it short, the last few weeks we focused mainly on fixing things. I duplicated some animations to mirror them properly in different circumstances (i.e. NPCs will now be able to sleep on both sides of the bed!). We also did a lot of testing, as well as some animation scouting in order to review them and think about what we need to polish, and what we need to add to the game.  

I’ve still had a bit of time to animate some really cool items in the game, notably the Harvester! Take a look at the video right down here, I’ve mixed a couple of animations that Remi and I did, with a little information under the theme of “the tools of Wellington Wells”. Enjoy!

Art Team  


These past few weeks, I've been giving some love to some of our old assets, that were no longer to our high standards of quality. I've also been doing some research on churches, and have created a modular set (interior and exterior) for them (walls, windows, peaks, columns, etc.) and a few other props, such as gravestones. Churches will help add variety to both the waste and village architectures and provide interesting new spots for encounters!



I made some Vista sets with low resolution trees so we can have nice 3D backgrounds .

Thanks for tuning in!

Compulsion Team


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