Weekly Update - 11 days before Early Access!

Hey everyone,  

Less than 2 weeks before We Happy Few releases on Early Access and Xbox Game Preview! It is both exciting and terrifying, but mostly exciting. Of course everybody is really busy at the office, mostly debugging and polishing the Early Access build. It probably won’t be 100% perfect - it is Early Access after all so it will contain some issues and some bugs - but we’re pretty happy with how it is currently playing.  

And now for your Early Access teaser, we recorded a little something this morning with our beloved actor Julian Casey who plays Uncle Jack…

Art Team  


You guessed it, more signs from me this week! This time around I've been making more fifties/sixties type graphics, and it's been a ton of fun looking up references and knocking out some new designs to dress up the Village. I've also been working on a more detailed painting, but for now I'll keep it under wraps until it's ~*~*~PerFeCt~*~*~ Stay tuned!




I worked on the sky, the water and the vistas!

Gameplay Team  


We’ve been testing the game a lot this week to find any critical bugs, crashes and other issues. I had lots of fun playing with all the new content that has been added into the build, there is a great deal more to do now. And I’ve been taking pages and pages of notes for fixes, small and big, fixing some of them, reporting bugs and assigning them.


Hey guys! This week I fixed some bugs (again), and made 5 new buildings (we call them “fillers”) to help add variety to the Garden District. Here’s one of them:  

They each have a very specific navigation purpose. For instance some of them are only “one-way” from the street to the open areas (and vice-versa), some of them are shaped like a “Y” with a junction, some are made like a funnel, so they’re are not “one-way’’, but “likely one-way”. Some of them have stairs and verticality. They all contain a few items that you can find ;)  

I’ve also been working on prototypes for fillers for the Village! That I will show next week once it's ready! Take care!  

Thanks for tuning in!  

Compulsion Team


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