Weekly Update - 18 days until Early Access!

Hey everyone, 

At only 2.5 weeks from release, things are getting pretty heated around here. We are currently finalizing the Xbox One build for certification, and so far, things are looking to be on track. Itshappening.jpg! 

This week’s update is a little more art focused as most of the programmers and level designers are mostly fixing bugs for the Early Access release! 

In case you missed it, earlier this week we were finally able to announce a few exciting things. First, the game will debut on July 26 for US$29.99 both on PC and Xbox One. We also announced some updated specs, the We Happy Few page on, and how we will deliver Kickstarter Early Access keys (through BackerKit). If you would like to read the full blog post, check it out here

Narrative Team  


This week I’ve been playing the game a lot. Hey, this is a fun game!  

Playing it, of course, I’m discovering various ways in which the world does not entirely make sense. For example, who is putting rotting meat in mailboxes? When that happens, I generally consult with the designers. Either I need to come up with a sensible reason for what’s going on, or we need to change what’s going on.  

It’s very important to me that everything in the game makes sense. It doesn’t have to make logical sense. Wastrels aren’t logical. Wellies aren’t logical. Human beings are rarely logical. But there is always a reason why people do things. Wastrels aren’t randomly crazy; they’re driven mad by guilt and sorrow, and whatever Joy has done to their memories. Wellies live in denial; their happiness is a veneer over the things they are trying so hard not to remember. Things they do should be revelatory of these themes.  

I’ve also been rewriting journal entries. If you go into Arthur’s journal, you will now find many things he has to say about what’s going on. Some of these things may be actually useful to solving the your problems in the game. Some of them will fill you in on Arthur’s past. Take the time to read them, when you’re in a quiet, safe place!  

Oh, and, letters. I’m not entirely clear who’s delivering the mail, but someone seems to be. At any rate, Wastrels and Wellies are writing to each other. Some of these letters will tell you about the people around you. Some of them will warn you about things you’re going to run into. Worth a read, I think.

Art Team  


This week I developed the rules for landscaping, vistas, and geographical layout of our world, specifically for the Garden District. More to come on this later.  

For now, here are a couple of concepts I did for the piñata scene in the intro. David helped with the rat bag blood explosion :) Initially we were going to have the rat in a bag to show that the Wellies actually did try to make their own piñata, but we decided against it for readability reasons. Showing them hit just a rat was more powerful and got the point across better. In these images I wanted to get across really how much Joy influences the Wellies' perception of their world.


I am finally working on the world! I have no idea what I am doing

I’m just kidding. We tested some height variation/landscape concepts about a year ago, but I wanted them to be better! So now I am making them better.


This week has been all about signs, signs, and more signs! Whitney and I have been making neat shapes, and designing pretty bracket signs for the Garden District, that need to be equal parts authentic and forgettable. I made some new icons, and gave some existing icons a nice face lift!  

Thank you for tuning in!  



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