Weekly Update - PAX recap and new pre-alpha build!

Hey everyone,  

We are finally back from PAX East 2016! It was an amazing trip. 15 of us came down to Boston to show a demo we made specifically for PAX. The reception has been overwhelmingly positive and we all feel completely energized from all the support and love we received from everyone who came to see us. We were eager to get back into the office to keep on working on the game.

Some nice articles and videos have surfaced already, which sum up very well the demo experience and contain a lot of interesting information about the game, the gameplay and the project!

We Happy Few is a roller coaster of creepy vibes and eccentric humor - Destructoid

First Look at We Happy Few with Sam Abbott

Interview with David Sears, our Design Director

Thank you so much to all of our backers and new fans who came by to see us. Your support means a great deal, and every time we see a long time fan or someone who is cosplaying from the game, it fuels our passion even more. Here are some pictures from the trip:

CliffyB trying our game!

Yes that is CliffyB trying our game!

For those who couldn’t make to PAX but have access to the pre-alpha on Steam, we pushed the PAX demo live yesterday! Read all the notes here.

Kickstarter Rewards 

The T-shirts and posters were sent to all backers who had ordered them last week. Some of you in the U.S. have been getting them quickly, but if you are in another country it might take a tiny bit longer. If in 1 week you have not received your reward, please contact us at

Design Team


Hey guys and girls! I really hope you liked the PAX demo, or will like it if you haven’t tried it yet! We got a lot of great feedback, so thank you. Now that this is done, we are aiming for our next big milestone, Early Access! That means we will work really hard in the coming weeks to bring you more content and to open it to the general public! I can’t be much more specific, but if you liked the PAX demo, you will get a lot more of that kind of stuff. There’s going to be a lot more players too which is really exciting as they will see all that content that we have been working on for months now. I can’t wait to hear (and see, I’m sure there will be a couple of you guys streaming some play sessions) how you feel about it!


This week I worked on finalizing the gameplay in several encounters we worked on before PAX.

Here’s a bunch of small maps with minimal gameplay used to add detail, variation and patterns to the procedural generation.

Art Team  


Since the last weekly update, I've been arting up (lighting and composition) secret locations, worked on props and disturbing things I never thought I'd be doing in the industry (pee and vomit stain decals). Each week is a surprise!


The team and I were lucky to meet so many kind and enthusiastic people who came by the booth, so first I want to thank everyone who came by to try the game and say hello! Now that we're back from PAX (most of us sans speaking voice), it's back to the most joyful grind. This week I put my energy toward making some new war time adverts, and some scribbly art for a Top Secret encounter.

 Here is some art that we’ve used for PAX for posters and postcards.


This week I recovered from PAX, concepted a spooky location that I'll show you next week, and started organizing the workload for Early Access. Muchos Spreadsheetos. Here is a picture I painted of Arthur running from an angry mob of Wellies :) I did this over a long period of time, between regular art reviews, quick concepts, spreadsheets, and meetings ;) It took me longer than I'd like to admit.

Narrative Team 


This week I did a bit of follow-up from PAX. For example, watching new people play our game, I noticed that players were not always aware they were wearing the wrong clothes. So I wrote some barks for Wellies to get bent out of shape if you’re wearing rags, and Wastrels will mock you for being dressed all fancy. 

More excitingly, I finally got a PC on my desk. I write on a Mac, but I can’t use our tools in Unreal Engine 4, which means I can’t tinker directly with the game; I have to impose on the Level Designers. Since then I’ve been rewriting journal entries into Arthur’s voice — a job I’ll have to repeat with the other playable characters. 

And, of course, I’m continuing forward on editing our audio cutscenes whenever I have some spare cycles. The animators seem to like our actors’ work:

Thank you for tuning!

Compulsion Team

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