New Project

Hello everyone!

So, for a while now we have been pretty quiet online. We have been asked a lot about what we are working on (including whether we are going to release a sequel to Contrast), and the good news is that we're just about ready to start talking about it.

Just, not quite yet :) What we can say is that it’s not a sequel to Contrast.  We haven’t ruled out doing one in the future, but after so long working on Contrast, we wanted to make something fresh.  Something new and exciting.  It involves masks, drugs and memory loss, but we swear it’s not a swinger’s party.  

But, to prove that we're not pulling your leg, here's a quick couple of images to keep you going:

Groovy, baby, yeah.

If you’re interested in hearing more about it, keep checking back in to the website over the next month.  Or, sign up for our newsletter, if you prefer the personal touch.


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