A Clockwork Update

Hi all,

It has been three months since our last game update and we are excited to announce that the wait is finally over! Today we are releasing the Clockwork Update on both PC and Xbox One!

We created a video which introduces the new changes present in the update. For a more detailed list of the changes, head down below to the patch notes!

This update introduces a number of technical systems that we’ll explain more below.  We also address the disconnect between the intro and the beginning of the game by implementing a new shelter, which shows how Arthur got to where he is.  There are also too many bug fixes to list, but we have listed a few of the major ones below.

We hope that this will provide a much higher quality experience to all players out there, and will allow us to focus more on new content and better gameplay moving forward.

PSA: Please be aware that due to the wholesale quest/save system changes, previous save games are incompatible.

Under The Hood

• Quest state system: Every encounter/quest in the game is now built using a new quest state system.  This system changes quest tracking from a scripting-based system to a code based system, where the game knows at all times exactly where you are in any given quest.  This makes it much simpler for us to create encounters, and also much more reliable.  We no longer need to have complicated scripts tracking save/quest/item situations, and instead can focus more on gameplay and making cool things.

• Improved save/load: The quest state system also ties into a new save system, which should allow for much more robust saving.  Please keep in mind that when you load a game you may find Arthur on a bench reading a paper.  Likewise there are some areas (eg the Mystery House) where you will no longer be able to save, as to do otherwise allows exploits and errors when completing encounters.  

• Faster save/load times: As a consequence of the new quest state/save systems, autosaving is now significantly faster, and loading is faster too.

• Conversation mode: When talking with an encounter NPC (eg someone with specific dialogue and purpose, rather than the systemic NPCs), you will now enter conversation mode.  Little black bars will come down around you, and you will effectively be isolated from the outside world while you talk to them.  This means we can place better animation with the VO, and quest givers can’t be interrupted by other NPCs, or you, or them.  Aka, the game won’t lose the plot as much any more, and it’ll be slightly better more cinematic.

• Puppet system: NPCs can now have highly scripted behaviour, instead of their normal systemic behaviour.  The puppet system allows us to remove their systemic brains and give them specific actions to do, rather than having the two systems fight (which led to all manner of crazy shit).

• Consistent map marker behaviour: Map markers should now be reliable and operate consistently. When you see an encounter, you will see an encounter marker to let you know that something is over there.  Once you are given the first stage of the quest, you will have encounter markers telling you where to go.

• Improvements to manual quest tracking and map markers.


• New shelter!  Arthur now has a new starting shelter, which provides a cleaner and more streamlined introduction to the basics of crafting and combat.  

• Refactored encounters: The following encounters have been refactored by re-implementing them with the new puppet, conversation and quest state systems:

  •  If You Give a Pig a Pancake
  • Mushroom Log
  • Looks Like Rain
  • Biological Hazard
  • Fine Cuisine
  • It's A Terrible Life
  • Crazy Legs
  • Lovebirds
  • Blood in the Streets
  • House of Faraday
  • Walkabout
  • Moon Juice Leech
  • Campfire
  • Lilies of the Field
  • Bees
  • OD Wellie
  • Record Location 1
  • Record Location 3
  • Altar of the Yam
  • The Dollhouse
  • Cult of Jack
  • Hallucinogenic Salad
  • Wounded Wastrel
  • Mine! Mine! All Mine!
  • Bring Out Your Dead
  • Where's the Power
  • Public Works
  • Shibboleth
  • The Vandals Took the Handle
  • Altar of the Yam
  • Mystery House
  • Popped Popper

• Improved realization: Along the way, the following encounters have had their realization dramatically improved, by introducing better animation, better VO, better tool tips, better art, and/or working map markers:

  • Mysterious Chest
  • Mystery House
  • Doll House
  • Fine Cuisine
  • Biological Hazard
  • OD Wellie
  • Public Works
  • Mushroom Log
  • It's a Terrible Life
  • Where's the Power?
  • Walkabout
  • First Marriage
  • Hallucinogenic Salad
  • Green Thumb
  • Altar of the Yam
  • If You Give a Pig a Pancake
  • TV Altar
  • Campfire
  • Crazy Legs
  • House of Faraday
  • Popped Popper
  • Moon Juice Leech

• All encounters should now be completable.

• Faraday should no longer be capable of blocking your progression. This is so important that it deserves its own line in these notes.

• The House of Curious Behaviours and the bridges have not been refactored, but will be next time.

• Tea Time and Lovebirds have been removed for now, because they were not good enough.  We will rebuild them.  Better.  Faster.  Stronger.

• The can of grapefruit juice in White Tree Park can now be picked up.


• The houses in the Village of Hamlyn have been dramatically improved.

• Additional house variations in the Village are available.

• Village houses now have exterior signs to add a little bit more happiness to the environment.

• Archways and other decorative elements have been added to the Village.


• Integration of “Turn in Place” animations. In certain AI states, the NPC will play an animation to face the player instead of sliding.

• New corpse interaction animations for picking up, dropping and throwing corpses.

• Added interaction animations for trap controls when using the trap disarm tool and polarity device.

• More talking animations for encounters. Mostly to fit new initial postures, like sitting on the ground, sitting on benches, laying down, etc.

• Improved sitting animations for certain NPCs. They now pull the chair out and slide it back in.

Allows us to compact the chairs and tables closer to each other for more room around these objects.

• New two-handed combat animations for NPCs for cricket bats, shovels, etc.

• Added down-to-up melee animations for the player, for more variation with one-handed weapons.

• New base animations for plagued wastrels (walking, idle, etc).


• Throw/Drop corpse interactions switched.

• Aim acceleration settings are now saved.


• NPCs now have a very short delay window between when you walk into their line of sight, and when they notice you.  This means stealth is now more forgiving, and more viable.

• Histoplasma mushrooms now have a (temp!) visual effect, and are required to enter certain areas.  Take a look around for clues.

• The Advanced Electro Lock Shocker should now operate on any lower tier objects.

• The materials required to craft certain items have been generally reduced. 

Bug Fixes

• Low spec PCs should no longer crash every 10-15 minutes.

• Various crash fixes.

• Floor materials have been mostly corrected across the entire game, so the correct footstep sounds should occur.

• Too many quest/encounter bugs fixed to list here.  At this point, we have very few known bugs that block progression, and some minor ones relating to animation etc.

• The game should no longer reset to day 1 randomly.

• Looted pickups no longer reappear after save/load.

• It is now safe to place items in containers other than the personal safe.

• Items dropped on ground will be deleted after save load.

• The final island now always appears.

Thanks for tuning in!
Compulsion Team


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