A small studio
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Compulsion is 40 people squatting in an old gramophone factory in Saint Henri, Montréal. Founded in 2009, we want to create interesting, fun games that are out of the ordinary. We like to think of ourselves as craftsmen, who create games that we love and are proud of. We make games because we’re excited about them, and about the concepts and ideas they contain (like shadow shifting, or a talking mask).

We make games about real people in sometimes ridiculous worlds, and want to tell stories that aren’t just “I am a prince, look! a monster, I must hit it with a stick (a big one) so it dies”.

A small, proud studio that likes to make fun, artistic and creative games. And sometimes they work!

A great


Alex  Epstein
Narrative Director


Alex is best known for his NYC background, and a relentless enthusiasm for silly jokes. He has previously written for film, games and television, although we’re pretty sure he likes us the most. Refusing to abide by bad coffee, he supplies the office with the fresh blend we crave, and only asks for our second born children in return.
Emmanuel Lauzon
Environment Artist


Emmanuel was destined to be a poet in another life. Among such musings as “have you considered the clandestine beauty of the burrito?”, and “it is a simple thing, the ray of sunshine, full of heart and intrigue”, he comes from Montreal, and has a particular enthusiasm for lighting and atmosphere.
Guillaume Provost
Creative Director


After 20 years in the industry, Guillaume started Compulsion in 2009 to create fun, innovative games in a culture of creativity and craftsmanship. He is really quite surprised that others liked the idea. He believes that children are life’s best experiments, and while he is native to Montreal, he has lived anywhere but. He speaks French with two different accents.
Jean-Richard Beaudry


With the singing voice of a Québec Idol finalist, JR is a man of many interests. He will wax lyrical about music, hockey, games, table-top, and Montreal drivers, and he enjoys doing all of those things too. We have no idea when he finds time. He is from Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, a mythical land of flying balloons.
Matt Robinson
Tech Director


Matt, a veteran programming machine, was reactivated recently to combat the growing problem of “how the hell are we going to make this game?” He digitally commutes every day from Ontario. Sometimes he feels like he lives inside the screen, and we are all figments of his imagination. Also, his cats really like showing us their butts, for reasons unknown.
Sam Abbott


Resident Kiwi and Protector of the Great Fluffy Kingdom, Sam sailed around the world in a Harley to woo us with his beard. An acclaimed, or at least claimed, opera singer, he wields his dark wit and boyish charm in the service of our communal vision quest. He is never grumpy, at least compared with your average badger.
Whitney  Clayton
Art Director


Coming from the land of apple pie, The Military, and the red white and blue, Whitney has lived in Montreal for many years. She knows all its culinary secrets, including that obscure place that no one has ever heard of but trust her it’s awesome! She dislikes straight lines, and even the existence of rulers.
Rémi Comtois


In his youth, Rémi was known as The Dread Captain Rémi, the nicest, friendliest pirate ever to cruise the Saint Laurent. However, the wi-fi connection was worse than the scurvy, and so he gave up the peg leg and parrot. In homage to his past, he spends his downtime cultivating magnificent natural beard formations in his native land of Les Cèdres.
Naila Hadjas
Community Dev


In the dense jungles of the Internet, somewhere between reddit, twitter and other places I dare not mention, is Naila. Existing since before the dawn of the Internet, no one is safe from her multilingual gif repository. Likes cosplay, languages, and inappropriate dad jokes, but dislikes long walks on the beach and Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On".

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